A document must go through several steps to make sure that it is authentic and ready for use in a foreign country. 

For Non State Issued  Documents  (E.g. Letters,  Affidavits, Power of Attorney, Wills, Articles of Incorporation and regular  documents)

We will travel to you (home, business, cafe or mutual location) and meet with you to notarize your document.

The notary takes documents to be submitted for authentication at the various governmental agencies.

An Apostille is attached to the document. 

For State Issued  Documents (E.g. Birth and Death  Certificates, Marriage Certifcates, Divorce papers, etc.)

We will travel to you (home, business, cafe or mutual location) and meet with you to collect a certified copy of your state issued documents.  Note: Notarization not required

The notary submits documents for authentication to the appropriate governmental department. 

An Apostille attached to the  document. 

      *Note:  If the state issued document  is not a certified copy  and        has not been issued within the past  2 years, you will need to        order one from the state.  (We can order one on your behalf). 


The process for legalizing a document applies to those countries that are not part of the Hague Convention. 

We will travel to you (home, business, cafe or mutual location) to notarize your documents. Note: Notarization not required for state issued certified copies of documents

Notary will submit documents to the appropriate  governmental agency. 

Document receives a certification . 

Documents are submitted to the consulate or embassy. 

Documents are legalized. 


We provide quick and efficient delivery services that allows your documents to be processed in a timely fashion. 

Speed, security and tracking services included. This services allows us to travel to the courts, Department of State, Consulate and Embassy to process your documents. 


Examples of Legal Documents that we Notarize
Health Care Directives / Proxy Power of Attorney, Personal Legal Documents, Will and Trusts, Employment Documents, Affidavits, Child Support Documents, Divorce Papers, Parental Consent Forms
​Automobile Bill of Sale.


Our trained fingerprinting specialist will come to you with all the necessary materials including the fingerprinting cards (FBI FD-258 cards). 

We assist individuals and businesses who may need fingerprints for employment purposes, background checks, or for various purposes. Feel free to contact us for all of your fingerprinting needs.  


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